Music > Legend of Kyrandia
Enchanted Note (2.77 MB)
First Forest (3.5 MB)
The Castle (5.63 MB)
The Face in the Tree (3.31 MB)
Timber (3.34 MB)
Timbermist Bridge & Serpents Grotto (2.62 MB)
Timbermist Forest (3.25 MB)
Will-o-Wisp (4.1 MB)
Floating Whisp (4.12 MB)
Forest (4.69 MB)
Inside the Temple (2.04 MB)
Intro (3.03 MB)
Outside Brandons Home (3.49 MB)
Second Forest (2.9 MB)
Speech of the Land (3.51 MB)
Temple of Kyrandia (2.02 MB)
First Forest (18 KB)
Second Forest (19 KB)
Temple of Kyrandia (2 KB)
The Face in the Tree (8 KB)
Will-o-Wisp (13 KB)
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