Music > Monkey Island 2 - LeChucks Revenge
Captain Dread And The Map (2.8 MB)
Captain Dread (2.28 MB)
Phatt Island Wheel Of Fortune (4.06 MB)
Phatt Island (3.87 MB)
Stabbing Largo And LeChuck Returns (4.01 MB)
The Cook (3.13 MB)
The Drinking Contest (2.72 MB)
The Escape From LeChucks Fortress (4.52 MB)
The Spitting Contest (3.13 MB)
The Swamp (3.96 MB)
The Underground Tunnels (8.95 MB)
The Voodoo Dolly (4.14 MB)
Captain Kates Boat - Booty Island (5.69 MB)
Theme (2.74 MB)
Woodtick Revisited (3.17 MB)
Woodtick (4.65 MB)
Wow, What a Dream & The Bone Song (3.16 MB)
Closing Themes (3.49 MB)
Dive (2.47 MB)
Governor Marleys Guard House (3.13 MB)
Madley (Bonus) (4.42 MB)
Opening Themes & Introduction (4.61 MB)
Phatt Island Map (3.1 MB)
Phatt Island Waterfall (2.89 MB)
Dive (18 KB)
Theme (27 KB)
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